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The technical term is FISHING..........not CATCHING. 
I assure you that no fish are harmed during our expeditions. 
Our little fishing team is very eco-friendly and would not even dream of disturbing the balance of nature.
---  Augie  ---

Augie Bruno - 1944 - 2015
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Mike's Terrific Tether
The Alkara methodology for Tenkara fishing
Mike's scientific tippet testing
The Super Duper lure
The Slippery Rock Wading Staff
The Sicilian Paintbrush
Mike hits the jackpot at Walmart
The source of the mighty Poudre
Proposed new scoring system - by Augie
Mikes new adventures with small flies
Minutes of the 2013 Fly distribution meeting

Memorable reports
Jack Daniels Fishing Story
Chester's 11/17/2011 Lon Hagler Res
Chester's 10/5/2011 Indian Meadows
Augie on Pork Chop Creek
Augie's 09/03/2011 Poudre River scouting report

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